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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NovelPlus Reveal Its Face To The Public!

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NovelPlus Reveal Its Face To The Public!

Yesterday at MaTic, Malaysian Tourism Center a vibrant and lively event has been held. Novelplus Sdn Bhd who build the state-of-the-art app that change the future of novel writing and publishing has just unveiled their highly anticipated app to the public for the first time on 16 December 2015 during the press and launch of Novelplus app. Everyone was at awe when they first come face to face with the cutting edge design and look of this new app which will forever change the way people read and publish. Furthermore, this event will highlight the best features that may caught the eyes of the attendees once they manage to see the app and get a closer look.

Novelplus has only one aim, to make self-publishing easier for the public. Malaysian who always has a story to tell and share with others. Realizing not many medium that enable them to do that, Novelplus offered a solution for them to encourage new talents to keep on producing great writings that can showcase their talents to the world. By bringing together writers and readers under one platform, two way communication can be done effectively between them. In other words, Novelplus is making self-publishing more fun and exciting. Getting rid of all the unnecessary procedures that writers normally experiences, Novelplus is a platform that new writers will go for.

So far the event is a huge success, filled with anticipation and excitement from the audience to learn and discover more about Novelplus. Novelplus general manager, Crystal Lai successfully delivered her speech and making the audience with her own storytelling of how the Novelplus' history is made and the statistics that made Novelplus a high on demand app in the market right now. Despite its target on Malaysian language, the users that downloaded the app boast from all over the world including Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Australia! I believe it is pretty cool and for a new app in the market, at this rate Novelplus has no problem to go far but with the right strategy.

Attendees are treated with a refreshing beverage and simple lunch after the event and medias are mingling with the staffs. Probably everybody was having a great fun, networking with others with the same interest and meeting with old friends whom they haven't met for a long time. Overall, the event is the turning point for Novelplus to continue its successful reign and competed with other similar apps and one day, Novelplus will be the major player in the novel publishing industry. Not only, there is a possibility for Novelplus to be a stepping stone for any future author to make their names in the industry soon.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Radiating The Red Carpet During Your Pregnancy

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Radiating The Red Carpet During Your Pregnancy
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Most pregnant women ignored the possibility of getting hot during their red carpet entry for parties, galas and celebrations because they do not realized that, contrary to popular beliefs that pregnant women can still manage to look hot and stunning without having to overdo anything. However many women out there struggle in choosing the best materials for their evening dresses because aside from looking glamorous they also want to be comfortable in the dresses that they wear. And in order to look gorgeous, women should not sacrifice comfort because pregnant women need to take care of their baby they are carrying inside.

So first choice I would recommend the Asos Maternity creation, embellished hip maxi exclusively made for comfort and glamorous look so many celebrities would go for such dresses. Preferably, the dark hip maxi will match for any function and it will help you to fit in with any theme either elegance or fancy. The material is super soft and it flows, making the belly to be able moving with ease without barrier that holds it too tight inside. This dress is also suitable to make the belly a lot less visible to the public because it is not too tight nor oversize, just right for you. Finished those up with a few accessories and you are ready to rock on the red carpet. You may have it with only RM328.

Next you might want to go for more vintage look in which it kind of a mix within 80s and 90s from Donna Morgan Maternity. According to a reliable source, this dress was made exclusively for A Pea in a Pod in black dot. The dress is custom made for pregnancy purpose because it had loosely designed skirt which flows down directly from the breast. The dots that really do the tricks, it distracted the people from noticing the baby bump so the people wearing the dress look chick as usual. It made pregnant women easier to breathe and the belly are not pressed too tight by the skirt. This goes beyond the usual maternity look but if you are looking for a chick look you might want to try this for only RM447.

And finally, if you looking for a younger look that easier to pull it off without being overdone, you can try the amazing collection from 3.1 Phillip Lim, a luxurious one shoulder top in lambskin and chiffon and paired it with J Brand maternity jeans. The jeans are custom designed for comfort especially for pregnant women and it make them look hot and fancy, that what they meant by looking younger. I truly adore the one shoulder top because the color that being used make it even more attractive and people would definitely forgotten that you are pregnant, as it really doesn’t shows. These are suitable for any occasion either for leisure or work you still can wear it without any consent. Get a hold on this style for only RM2,550 and you are always ready to look glam.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bloggers Campaign Hi-Tea - "Cornerstone" Hip New Venue For Every Event!

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Bloggers Campaign Hi-Tea - "Cornerstone" Hip New Venue For Every Event!

Finding venues which are chic and classy at the same time? Well, you don’t have to search too far away now as the best venue is just around the corner. Located in the middle of city center with easy access to public transport, Cornerstone is the landmark that will soon be the most talk about places in town for handling either corporate and leisure party. Event planners and PR managers will no longer have to struggle when the time comes for the annual dinners for their respective companies or when they are having a product launch, Cornerstone is here to assist them from the very details of their requirement and also customize according to their allocated budget and theme. Happened to be there in person last Saturday during their launch of Bloggers Campaign Hi-Tea, a little get together held by Cornerstone to make their presence known by these bloggers around Klang Valley really taken my breath away.

First time here, the atmosphere and ambience is simply breathtaking. It is unique and classy at the same time. You find a different feeling when you first step into the banquet hall. The arrays of menu assortment are lined perfectly and the guests can walk along to pick up their food with ease without the table getting too crowded. Different settings of tables are done to showcase the different events that they are able to host here for example, the one that caught my eyes the most is the cocktail setting. It is undeniably simple and distinguished the theme from normal corporate events and parties alike. The wedding setting however is just perfect for family to gather together and chat. After half an hour waiting for the rest of the guest to enter the banquet hall, we are given a briefing on the campaigns and taken to a brief tour into every space that they have there with an explanation on each special features.

Simplicity is the key and they manage to live up that expectation with a simple but multipurpose banquet hall that can be used for various function. The floor to ceiling glass window is the highlight of the banquet hall, bringing natural sunlight into the room. The most interesting aspect that lures the guests to be enchanted by this place is the perfect view facing the fountain. It feels as if the venue is some kind of outdoor event and bringing more fun atmosphere to your event. Complete with cutting edge sound system and 4 plasma TVs for video and image display via USB and a stage for presentation purpose, the banquet is the perfect venue for hosting such events from the elegant corporate events to the fun cocktail party. Spacious space boasting 11,000 square feet that can be filled with almost 400 pax for cocktail party setting and 250 pax for wedding dinner setting makes the banquet hall a perfect place for every type of functions.

Take the staircases located at the corner of the banquet hall; the upper floor is a bit more corporate and intimate. The main attraction is the well-equipped conference room that is suitable for meetings and presentation. Normally, conference meeting is something with too much hassle to do but Cornerstone manages to make it with ease. The conference room is suitable for video conferencing with all the complimentary equipment provided such as flip-chart, whiteboard and assorted markers for brainstorming session. The next room however is served for more serious purpose as it is for previous examination session done by British Council. It can be customized according to the request by the customers. Next to the banquet hall, if not partitioned, is the VIP lounge or waiting room perfect for pre-event networking and mingling session with all the guests. Complimentary Wi-Fi access is made available for use.

Are you worried what kind of menu to serve your guests? Well you can clear your mind off that thing now as Cornerstone can customize the menu to fit your guests that will make your event the talk of the town. Choose from these wide selections of food packages that you think might suit your type of event and audience and let Cornerstone do the rest for you. Adding a little touch of magic to your event, that is what Cornerstone does best when it comes to planning a perfect event that will be remembered by all. Should you have any concern about what you want to add up to your event? No worry as Cornerstone will be doing the best to make an unforgettable moment be it a casual gathering or elegant wedding event as if it was too good to be true.

The best thing about Cornerstone is that it offers complimentary add-ons without any extra charge incurring. You can the best out of it within the budget that you have and yet still get the dream event of yours work like miracles. If you plan any event in the future, let Cornerstone be at your assistance. You can never find any places that can hold just the right amount of audience for your events. I mean, if you are looking for a not so big yet not so small but cozy and elegant place for your corporate events, parties or weddings, Cornerstone is the best choice out of all out there. For any enquiries you can contact the person in charge Elle by her email or call her directly at 016-228 8654.