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Alyssa Milano Central

One of the largest actively running and mostly updated fansite dedicated to the beautiful actress, producer, designer and person, Alyssa Milano whom you might known her from sitcom "Who's The Boss", long-running series "Charmed" and the sultry show "Mistresses". Now married and mother of two children Milo and Elizabella she is actively taking acting job like "Insatiable" and "Wet Hot American Summer" which both will be aired on Netflix soon, while anchoring reality show "Project Runway All Stars" that is now in its sixth season. Catch news and in-depth scoop on her life and career plus huge media gallery for your eye candy.

Judul Blog

Hugh Jackman Central

Your friendly source to the awesome Aussie actor whom you might known him from "X-Men" franchises or through award-winning role in "Les Miserables" Hugh Jackman which will hang his claw as Wolverine after his last movie "Logan" that just come out couple of months ago. ugh is currently working for "The Greatest Showman On Earth" which will release in cinema this Christmas. You can view huge gallery here besides insightful scoop on his life and career.

Judul Blog

Shannen Doherty Central

One of the most reliable fansite dedicated to badass actress Shannen Doherty whom you might know from hit witch series "Charmed" or the cult favorite "Beverly Hills 90210" and she has also appeared in reality shows such as "Scare Tactics", "Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty" and "Shannen Says". Previously she was battling with her cancer and seems like she has recovered slowly and we are rejoiced. You can catch up with her latest news and view huge gallery of images from her plus insightful scoop on her life and career.

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