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Press Release: Epicurean Journeys Across Japan - Discovering Japan’s iconic flavors

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Press Release: Epicurean Journeys Across Japan - Discovering Japan’s iconic flavors

(October 2017) Known for the freshest ingredients, subtle combination of flavors and exquisite presentation, the food of Japan plays a distinctive and central role in the country’s culture. In 2013, Japan’s cuisine was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, joining France as the only two countries to receive this accolade for the whole of their food culture.

Walk Japan, the pioneer in guided walking tours to the nation takes customers on journeys across Japan’s beautifully diverse landscapes into its rich culture and delectable gastronomy. All Walk Japan’s tours are an epicurean adventure exploring the breadth and depth of authentic Japanese cuisine from the dishes the country is rightly famous from sushi and tempura, to delicious farmhouse fayre and rare morsels found in each region, town or village.

Boutique sakes complement every evening meal and visits to breweries, which are found throughout Japan, feature in many tours including the Oita Hot Spring TrailKunisaki Retreat, and Nakasendo Way. Here customers learn about how this drink, Japan’s libation to the gods, is meticulously created and sample the master brewer’s best grades.

Wasabi green mustard is a distinctive and essential ingredient in Japanese cooking and the Izu Peninsula, which is overlooked by Mt. Fuji, produces Japan’s and consequently the world’s finest wasabi. Customers on Walk Japan’s Izu Geo Trail come across plots hidden in the forest, where wasabi is cultivated in the sparkling spring waters that flow copiously from Izu’s mountains. During many meals, they also prepare their own wasabi to enjoy with the plentiful fish caught each day in the seas surrounding the peninsula.

Miso fermented soya bean paste, a widely used ingredient in Japanese cooking, has gained interest from culinary enthusiasts around the world for both its flavoursomeness and health-giving properties. A feature of almost all meals on a Walk Japan tour, on the Kunisaki & Yufuin Walk customers visit a local shop, a listed original wooden structure, where miso has been produced in the traditional way by hand using local ingredients and water from a well on the premises since 1900.

The Oita Hot Spring Trail complements its theme of onsen hot springs with meals created from the ingredients from seas, fields, forests, and mountains found in this particularly bountiful region of Japan. At Beppu, this tour also includes steam-cooked dishes that actually harness the onsen here to cook the food to perfection.

Like so many of Walk Japan’s tours, the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage is largely a rural experience. However, it also takes the opportunity to journey through Osaka’s energetic urban food scene, where the company’s expert Tour Leaders ensure a wonderful experience of an izakaya restaurant. Here the atmosphere is often rumbustious and the dishes plentiful in variety. These include staples that have helped make Japan’s food scene a global sensation such as sashimi, kushiyaki grilled meats and vegetables, karaage fried chicken, edamame beans, okonomiyaki savory pancakes and yakisoba fried noodles as well as much lesser-known but no less tasty delicacies.

Detailed information about all of Walk Japan’s tours can be found on their website (http://www.walkjapan.com/all-tours) and on the Walk Japan Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/walkjapan).
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This press release was issued by VIM & VIGOUR PR on behalf of Walk Japan.

For further information, images, interview requests or media enquiries, please contact:
Lynda Williams:
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National Geographic has described Walk Japan as “one of the 200 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”. The company leads the way in providing the most fulfilling and enjoyable tours available in Japan. Walk Japan has an unrivalled range of regular, scheduled tours for Japan and is researching more for the future. It also creates and runs private, custom tours tailored to customers’ particular interests and requirements. These include private tours for families, friends, societies, companies and schools.

Founded in 1992 by two academics, Dr. Thomas Stanley and Prof. Richard Irving, the company has since grown considerably both in its number of tours and customers to become the acknowledged leader of specialised tours that immerse visitors in Japanese society and culture; provide great insights into the nation and its people; and often explore little-visited, beautiful and diverse regions of the nation.

Based in rural Kyushu, Walk Japan actively operate in a way that recognises the important role and responsibilities that business has in society. This means being committed to and supportive of the communities in which they operate and ensuring that their tours have a positive impact in these areas. Wherever possible Walk Japan uses and supports family-run and local businesses.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

C & C Your New Heaven For Cookies And Coffees Lover

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C & C Your New Heaven For Cookies And Coffees Lover

Earlier I am a fan of Famous Amos because I am a maniac when talking about cookies especially chocolate chip. But now I just found my new love interest with C & C a brand new cookie and coffee outlet that just opened in Setapak Sentral quite nearby to where I am residing right now.

Once you stepped inside the mall, you will first come face to face with the  C & C outlet stall and you will not miss the friendly staff greeting you from afar besides the overpowering aroma of freshly baked cookies around you. You can see the various selection of cookies is available in front of you. All you have to do was scoop it and pour them into the packet that you can choose from two available sizes.

There are chocolate chip cookies, the normal Danish resemblance and also plain butter cookies which were among my favorite. You will also notice the chocolate chip poured over the cookies which made them so irresistible and you will not rest until you manage to have them all.

Prices ranged from RM21++ for the family pack and RM17++ for the sharing pack that you can share with your friends. You can also bring them for travel purpose and anywhere you want to go because the packet is safe and there is also clipped lid for the packet that the cookies will still fresh even after a week.

Check their Facebook page - HERE

Sunday, September 24, 2017

IT Become One Of The Highest Grossing Horror Films Of All Times

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IT Become One Of The Highest Grossing Horror Films Of All Times
IT promo

Yes, I don't have much expectation on the new adaptation of IT because I still not moving on from the 1990 version starring Tim Curry. For me, his version alone is already hair-raising and scary it almost causes me to have series of nightmares regarding clowns. But my friend still pushes me to see the new 2017 version so I will decide to give it a shot and have fun.

IT theatrical poster

Tremendously scary, I should give a round of applause to Bill Skarsgard and trust me, his version of Pennywise is downright horrifying and disturbing to see. The makeup and the unexpected behavior made this version a true jump scare and I could only pray that I will not be having clown nightmare again. He really made the role as his own by portraying beyond my expectation.

IT teaser poster

There is, however, few jump scares and unexpected scenes that almost caused my heart racing and it was just too surreal watching the dancing scene of Pennywise, I heard that many people tried to make fun of the scene! :) By the way, the child actors are amazing and they do make a substantial plot to this movie even better than the original.

IT character poster

I would say this movie deserves an A and 6 stars from my opinion and the best actor award should go to Bill who played Pennywise. He played it even better than Tim Curry and he made the movie is no doubt one of the best horror movies in 2017 along with The Conjuring and Annabelle. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Generating Side Income Doing The Thing You Love - Blogging!

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Generating Side Income Doing The Thing You Love - Blogging!
coobis network

This has been something that I am concerned about because since I am doing blogging job as my part-time and I really want to see at least few hundreds can be generated through my blog if possible. Besides I have been building my brand this hard and I want to see something valuable coming out from that. At least my hard work has been repaid through the money I earned.

coobis network

Well, that should be interesting but how to make this thing possible? After month of searching I bumped into Coobis that can help bloggers like me to generate side income by inviting fellow bloggers that have the same mindset as mine. Besides getting paid through the campaigns that they offered weekly, we can invite bloggers or advertisers to join the network to earn along.

coobis network

We would surely want something in return after writing so much, because we are not writing craps for free. For normal freelance work we might be accepting RM25 - RM55 per article that we wrote but when doing campaigns, we would want bigger amount of rewards to help pay off all the hard work that we have put into the task that has been assigned to us.

coobis network

After I found Coobis, it feels like heaven because you can earn as you are doing what you love. The first stage can be a huge struggle but it will ease your way along the journey. It might not give you a financial freedom but at least you have your pocket money that can help you survive for at least 3 - 4 days if you know how to spend them wisely.

If you are interested to join you can always clicked here and enjoy a bit of money on the go. Let's kick-start your life and make money online

Monday, August 28, 2017

Melawati Mall Launch With Few Resemblances To My Town Cheras

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Melawati Mall Launch With Few Resemblances To My Town Cheras
melawati mall

Previously we are so busy heading up to Kuala Lumpur City for shopping spree and grocery shopping yet now we can start to rejoice as the anticipated Melawati Mall has finally opened its door to the visitors. The mall which is located in the central hub of Taman Melawati business center has been the most sought after place for shopping for Melawati citizens.

melawati mall

quite as big as its competitors My Town, Cheras the mall has anything that you could ask for from boutiques, supermarket to bookstores and fitness center. Every level of the 6 levels shopping mall is a must to be explored by everyone. With variety of eateries can be found there you can also try the food court that filled with many exciting regional dishes.

melawati mall

Besides eating there are also many boutiques that you could visit to get yourself a new clothes for example the 'Tomaz' boutique for men, you can choose variety of designer shoes from their shelves. Uniqlo is another shopping destination for youngsters who are looking for hip and chic style for their everyday clothing. Everything is worth to be explored by everyone here.

village grocer

Down at the basement you can go grocery shopping all you want at the Village Grocer that host ever thousands of varieties for the household. From midnight snacks to frozen foods and vegetarian needs, it is a perfect place for those who are looking to fill up their refrigerators. Pay them a visit and share with me your experience in the comment section below!

Sunday, August 6, 2017


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Asia, Malaysia (3 August 2017) – Korea’s leading media & entertainment conglomerate, CJ E&M, is proud to announce the landing of tvN MoviesWorld’s FIRST and ONLY Korean Blockbuster movie channel – in Malaysia on Astro, a Malaysian and ASEAN digital-first media and lifestyle company in the Digital, TV, Radio and eCommerce space. From 1 August, tvN Movies will be available on demand on Astro GO and Astro TV Channel 435 offering first run and exclusive Korean titles.

tvN Movies continues to introduce Korean movies to Southeast Asian audiences by presenting multiple top grossing Korean films. In support of the Korean movie industry and its launch on Astro, tvN Movies will work with movie distributors Clover Films and GSC Movies Sdn Bhd to proudly present The Battleship Island Star Tour in Malaysia. During the star tour, Best Actor Hwang Jung-min, heartthrobs So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki and high-octane director Ryoo Seung-wan will be coming to Malaysia to meet with the public and media.

The highly anticipated appearance of The Battleship Island stars and director will kick off at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Main Entrance at 7pm on 9 August, followed by its Gala Premiere at GSC Pavilion KL thereafter.

tvN Movies fans and Astro customers will stand a chance to win premiere passes to the Gala Premiere of The Battleship Island on 9 August. Fans will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki up close and personal.

The contest for Astro customers will run from now till 6 August 2017. To find out more about the contest and terms and conditions, please visit www.astro.com.my/astrocircle. tvN Movies fans can check out its Facebook (@Ch.tvNMovies) for contest and other updates on the Star Tour.

Bringing over 20 first-run Korean movies in the first year premiering exclusively in Malaysia, tvN Movies’ signature time blocks will allow audiences to indulge in its diverse Korean movies library, paired with English, Simplified Chinese as well as Bahasa Malaysia subtitles. tvN Movies delivers unique and sophisticated Korean home-cinema experiences, stay tuned!

# # #

About tvN Movies
CJ E&M’s latest venture – tvN Movies, the FIRST & ONLY Korean Blockbuster movie channel, is launched in Singapore and Malaysia in 2017. It is expected to be launched in other Southeast Asian territories including the Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia progressively. The service is in 100% HD quality on Pay TV, VOD and OTT.

tvN Movies has garnered First & Exclusive Pay TV Rights in Southeast Asia for the Top Grossing Korean films in 2016, namely, Train to Busan, A Violent Prosecutor, The Age of Shadows, Inside Men and Operation Chromite, specific territories apply. The five movies resulted in a combined gross box office of USD300 million and 43 million admissions in Korea alone. Other 2017 megahit titles, including Top 10 highest grossing Korean movies Confidential Assignment, Fabricated City and Master will also be available on the channel. tvN Movies aims at giving an alternative choice of home cinema to audience by featuring blockbuster and all-time favourite Korean movies in all genres round-the-clock.

About CJ E&M
CJ E&M is Asia’s leading content and media company headquartered in Seoul, Korea. It has four main business units - broadcast, film (CJ Entertainment), music and live entertainment. Since 2011, CJ E&M has been contributing to the promotion of Korean culture around the world, through the company's 'one source, multi-content' strategy. As a trend leader in Asia, CJ E&M has produced and distributed various popular content, some of which include Asia’s largest music festival Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), leading Hallyu convention KCON, Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots, record-breaking box office hits Roaring Currents (2014) and Ode to My Father (2014), along with sought-after television series The Incomplete and Grandpas over Flowers. With regional offices in Asia and the U.S., CJ E&M currently employs over 2,000 people worldwide, and is traded on KOSDAQ under the ticker 130960. For more information, please visit: http://en.cjenm.com

For media enquiries, please feel free to contact:
Mimi Lee Phoebe Wong
+852-3692-4677 +852-3692-4659

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Juhi Chawla - Bollywood Queen Of Romantic Comedy Sets Her Own Rule!

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Juhi Chawla - Bollywood Queen Of Romantic Comedy Sets Her Own Rule!
The goddess of Bollywood cinema

Bollywood lovers will know her as much as I loved her and what is not to love about this angelic beauty, she has the next-door girl look, free from any scandals and lays low in the public but she triumphs when it comes to her performance. Her smile can light up the whole city for years and her giggles will haunt you forever. That is our Juhi Chawla, the queen of Bollywood Romantic Comedy.

as Kiran from Darr

I first noticed her during Darr when she starred opposite Shahrukh Khan which is her famous on screen partners and she was a talent to look out for. When people in Malaysia keep bragging about Kajol or Karisma Kapoor, I think Juhi has better advantages as she is humorous and gentle. She creates a different aura and she reminds me of Sridevi, a lot. Sridevi happens to be Juhi's idol so it does make sense.

A natural model 

She did perfectly well in comedy genres spawning blockbusters such as Deewana Mastana, Mr & Mrs Khiladi, Duplicate, Loafer and Hum Hain Rahi Pyaarke. I adored her chemistry with Aamir Khan more especially in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Hum Hain Rahi Pyaarke and Ishq because they seems to suit each other perfectly. Stunning and funny, she manages to steal the hearts of millions of her fans in and out of India.

a role model for good girl image

She did a brilliant pairing too with Shahrukh Khan with memorable hits like Duplicate, Yes Boss, Darr & One 2 Ka 4. Her acting is on par with some of the legendary Bollywood actresses and her dance performances are the one that keep on mesmerizing us as a Bollywood fan. She steals the show in Gang with her item number "Meri Payal Bole" and "Dil Chahe Kisise" in Deewana Mastana.

Her million volt smile

Winnin her first Filmfare award for Best Actress in Hum Hain Rahi Pyaarke, now married and focusing on her philanthropy work, Juhi is still the down to earth person like who she was 15 years ago. She will be looking for more substantial roles now to fit with her age but I thought she was ageless. She is still the same smiling face that lighten up Bollywood years ago1