Thursday, July 13, 2017

Juhi Chawla - Bollywood Queen Of Romantic Comedy Sets Her Own Rule!

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Juhi Chawla - Bollywood Queen Of Romantic Comedy Sets Her Own Rule!
The goddess of Bollywood cinema

Bollywood lovers will know her as much as I loved her and what is not to love about this angelic beauty, she has the next-door girl look, free from any scandals and laying low in the public but she triumphs when it comes to her performance. Her smile can lights the whole Mumbai city for years and her giggles will haunt you forever. That is our Juhi Chawla, the queen of Bollywood Romantic Comedy.

as Kiran from Darr

I first noticed her during Darr when she starred opposite Shahrukh Khan which is her famous on screen partners and she was a talent to look out for. When people in Malaysia keep bragging about Kajol or Karisma Kapoor, I think Juhi has better advantages as she is humorous and gentle. She creates a different aura and she reminds me of Sridevi, a lot. Sridevi happens to be Juhi's idol so it does make sense.

A natural model 

She did perfectly well in comedy genres spawning blockbusters such as Deewana Mastana, Mr & Mrs Khiladi, Duplicate, Loafer and Hum Hain Rahi Pyaarke. I adored her chemistry with Aamir Khan more especially in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Hum Hain Rahi Pyaarke and Ishq because they seems to suit each other perfectly. Stunning and funny, she manages to steal the hearts of millions of her fans in and out of India.

a role model for good girl image

She did a brilliant pairing too with Shahrukh Khan with memorable hits like Duplicate, Yes Boss, Darr & One 2 Ka 4. Her acting is on par with some of the legendary Bollywood actresses and her dance performances are the one that keep on mesmerizing us as a Bollywood fan. She steals the show in Gang with her item number "Meri Payal Bole" and "Dil Chahe Kisise" in Deewana Mastana.

Her million volt smile

Winnin her first Filmfare award for Best Actress in Hum Hain Rahi Pyaarke, now married and focusing on her philanthropy work, Juhi is still the down to earth person like who she was 15 years ago. She will be looking for more substantial roles now to fit with her age but I thought she was ageless. She is still the same smiling face that lighten up Bollywood years ago1

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One) - Talent, Struggle, Bromance & Childhood Revealed

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Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One) - Talent, Struggle, Bromance & Childhood Revealed
Produce 101 Season 2

Anyone who has seen Produce 101 Season 2 which has been aired on TVN a week before might know this talented and adorable kid from Maroo Entertainment. His predecessor Kim Jong Kook is one of Korea's biggest stars to date and he aimed to be if not better then as good as his senior.

Produce 101 Season 2

Carrying a huge ambition when he joined Produce 101, he is only known for his wink when they aired the "It's Me (Pick Me)" single featuring the whole 101 boys but many not know that this kid here packed with hundreds of talents in his pocket. Fun, cute and know how to catch the attention of female audience, he slowly grown into one of the most popular candidates in the show.

Produce 101 Season 2

His stage presence has been awesome all the way starting from the first "Boys In Luv" till "Hands On Me" he has shown his many different shades and colors that an idol should have and he is the closest contender to the nation's favorite Kang Daniel from MMO. His sharp dance moves and stable vocal has been his assets since his first day an it already been paid off.

Produce 101 Season 2

There is another thing memorable about him which is his bromance with many trainees in the show starting from Bae Jin Young from C9 Entertainment and Lain Guan Lin from Cube Entertainment. People has created many hashtags for them including "Winkdeep" and "Winklin". Definitely this kid can contribute a lot to Wanna One group which has a long journey to go.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Starling Mall - The Shopping Mall Within A Park

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Starling Mall - The Shopping Mall Within A Park
The Main Hall

Launched in May 2017, the area in Damansara Uptown has finally become the shopping destination for modern city people who favors shopping and relaxation. Starling Mall is the place to be as it is brand new and providing a whole new atmosphere to the shoppers around town. New ambiance and new shopping experience made Starling Mall the destination that you can be proud of.

The Raya Decoration

I worked in that era not very long ago in 2013 till 2014 and found out that the area has been under development with the brand new MRT already running above my head and now with the help of Grab and Uber services, my transportation to Starling Mall is no longer exhausting. Seems like the modernization really starts to kick in isn't it? The mall area isn't as big as it nearby neighbor, 1 Utama but it is worth a visit.

The interior look

When I visit it that time it is a week before Hari Raya and it happens that I need a place to cool off but it is way beyond my expectation. They have the supermarket where all my favorite Raya cookies are sold at very convenient price and on top of that, they are variety of packaging available. During that time people are already busy with their festive shopping so it is a big crowded.

The Event Section

The only thing that I noticed, they don't have any department stores like AEON or ISETAN over there so I thought it might be a hassle if you are looking for festive clothing during festive seasons. But for book lovers, be prepared to be at awe when you visit the largest BookXcess store chain because it is equipped with a cafe where you can just sit around while reading through pages of your book.

Monday, May 22, 2017

BTS The First KPop Artist To Win At Billboard Music Awards

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BTS The First KPop Artist To Win At Billboard Music Awards

As you have noticed today, BTS bag a huge win at Billboard Music Awards when they won the most coveted Top Social Artist Awards beating the likes of Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber. Apparently this hints the emergence of Asian music scenes in the wake of US dominating the entertainment industry.

Through their albums Wings and You Never Walk Alone, BTS has shown the world their extraordinary talents and walked out with huge winning on every awards functions. As an ARMY myself, I am proud that BTS finally received the limelight that they deserved and it is due to their hard work and the never ending support from the fans all throughout their career.

Being the first KPop artist to ever win the Billboard gives a brand new meaning to this boyband group and hopefully their creativity will continue to inspire us all in the near future. For those who are still n the dark, they have released two chart-topping singles Spring Day and Not Today both packed with different flavors.

Fashion wise Taehyung aka V stole the show with his polka dot shirt and suit and I believes he is truly a sharp dressed man. I just knew that he is a fan of Gucci brand so it will not be something that is out of the extraordinary. Wish BTS all the best for their future comeback and let's celebrate!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

SimetriSiti - The Comeback That We All Have Been Waiting For!

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SimetriSiti - The Comeback That We All Have Been Waiting For!
The launching of SimetriSiti

Dato Siti Nurhaliza has again announced her comeback with her new full-length album after the success of her compilation album Unplugged. This new album however still prioritizing the concept of commercial pop as her main concern. Calling the new album "SimetriSiti" this long-awaited album will be distributed by Universal Music and Siti Nurhaliza Productions.

The album coming up May 2017

Her first hit single, Segala Perasaan is a ballad composed and penned by Indonesian composer and lyricist Ivan Lahardika. The song has shot up straight to number 1 on Itunes most downloaded single. The song according to Dato Siti Nurhaliza truly challenged her vocal because the chorus is made in quite a high note compare to most of her other songs previously.

The launching event

The album which is the exclusive version completes with the singer's signature and postcard have been opened for pre-order last week and luckily all 300 copies have been successfully been sold on Lazada. This shows how much the influence of Dato Siti Nurhaliza has brought in the music industry even though there are many new singers emerging every day.

Limited edition cover album

The album will include all 10 songs from diversified composers of Malaysia and Indonesia featuring Aubrey Suwito, Ade Govinda, Opick and many more. For those who loved her previous work in Fragmen you will not be disappointed with "SimetriSiti". It is an album that is suggested to have all the unique flavors of today music scenes.

Among the songs that are scheduled to be hits on radio will be Segala Perasaan, Bersandar Cinta, Penghiburku and Aku Bukan Malaikat. The album is scheduled to be released on 10 May onwards so don't forget to catch it on the music stores nearby!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dreams Become Reality At Dinosaurs Come Alive Brought By SkyWorld

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Dreams Become Reality At Dinosaurs Come Alive Brought By SkyWorld

Skyworld is a well-known property management company and I really didn’t expect something so awesome when I was invited for the event they are hosting last Saturday but, it really goes beyond my expectation when they announce that they are holding a Dinosaurs Come Alive exhibition. I am a die-hard fan of dinosaurs and I have seen all Jurassic Park movies if you know what I mean.

Another great thing is that through that sort of expo, the company can also share among the attendees about the future development projects regarding condominiums and apartments and by far I have seen some of them which were pretty fascinating. But the idea of combining a dinosaur exhibition with this, I still don’t know how relevant this can be.

The expo starts with the registration of the attendees and some of them are invited as Medias, like me because I am a blogger so it could be one of my prerogatives of being one of them. I mean I love Dinosaur World and having the opportunity to join this show is a perfect experience to relive my childhood dream again.

Then, the event continues with the amazing dinosaur show which is handled by one of the employees there and she was hilarious and catchy too. She delivered her role as the dinosaur guardian really well and I feel like a child once again once they open the door and T-Rex comes out from the room roaring its way around the stage. Typically a robot dinosaur but the sound system does a great job to make it seems like a reality.

They present us with 4 dinosaurs all over with funny sketches in between the show just to enlighten the mood for those who have been waiting for quite long for the show and plus, they also entertain us with some entertaining dance moves which I think I should give them a big round of applause.

The event ends when we moved to the other corner for an afternoon break where we are served with the oriental cuisines. Although not really my cup of tea yet still it is an entertaining weekend opening for me.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

MyTown Shopping Center, The Pearl In The Center Of Kuala Lumpur Triangle!

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MyTown Shopping Center, The Pearl In The Center Of Kuala Lumpur Triangle!

Once the place is popular with its largest around Malaysia's IKEA, not it adds another fascinating shopping experience to the KL people around with the latest shopping mall in town that opened it's door on 16 March, MyTown Shopping Center. It looks as if it is attched with IKEA so what more could you ask for?

To my surprise the opening is really a grand one, something I rarely see throughout my career as a blogger and the atmosphere is highly anticipating. There are actually a lot of things that they manage to offer besides unlimited shopping spree. There are trucks selling foods which can make you full the whole day while you were there, entertainment that will keep you going on and prizes to be won.

For me who loved shopping, I believe that MyTown is a convenient place for me if you minus the traffic jam that occurred every time you head there during lunch hour. Fascinating offerings and variety of choices, you'll get your inner shopaholics screaming to let loose once you step into this amazing mall.

Although there are still a lot more to come here soon, still it is better than nothing. Although yes, I am a bit sad for not being shortlisted on the Goosey Selfie contest but still it given me the idea that there are a lot more for me and everyone else soon. So let's just keep our eyes opened for their every announcement soon!

Photos credit goes to MyTown Facebook! :)